Lyman, South Carolina


Good morning everyone!  If you have a back alley and have previously had your garbage picked up from the alley, we ask that you continue to place your garbage containers in the back alley for pick-up.  There has been some confusion as Waste Industries initially required that you place your carts at the front of your home.  We do apologize for the confusion and the inconvenience this has caused you all. 

However, all residents with a back alley must now place your cart in the alley for service.  Waste Industries will not run both the front streets and the back alleys.  The reason for this is that some residents have no possible way of putting their carts at the front of their homes due to the rock walls and no sidewalks etc.  So without any way to service those residents without alley pick up, Waste Industries has returned to the original alley pick  up.  

Again, we apologize for the confusion and inconvenience.  Please place your carts in the alley for service.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.